Mondays Entry

   If it's not forever, if it's just tonight
 Oh, it's still the greatest, the greatest, the greatest / Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire Lyrics / Monemvasia , Greece / Canon EOS 600D

    We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds. / Aristotle Onassis / Monemvasia , Greece / Canon EOS 600D

    There is nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse. / John Lubbock / Aeropoli , Greece / Canon EOS 600D

    Loutraki , Greece / Canon EOS 600D

    “Give a man a fish and he has food for a day; teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him for the entire weekend.” –Zenna Schaffer /  Loutraki , Greece / Canon EOS 600D 


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